Fight the FUD Super Hero Frogs Fighting FUD Day & Night! SOLD OUT: Buy on OpenSea

Welcome to the FUD Frog Force

FUD Frog Force is an NFT collection of 8,888 unique mentally unstable frogs. They struggle with reality and even though they don’t huff paint or sniff glue they are convinced they have super hero powers.

They stopped trying to get into Stark Industries Headquarters and instead have moved into the Ethereum Blockchain and squatting on OpenSea.

SOLD OUT: Buy on OpenSea


Price Drop

Its hard to drop past Free for this mint but the frogs suck at math.

Air Drop

Really, an air drop? The frogs can barely hop never mind get air!


What's the metaverse, we would be happy with some big ass flies.

Frog Land

It's the pond side of the Otherside and we caught some tadpoles.


Q: How much does a FUD Frog cost to mint?

Every wallet can mint 2 for free
4000 free frogs FCFS
Remaining frogs are 0.0069ETH each + gas

Q: How many FUD Frogs can I mint?

Everyone can mint up to 10 frogs per wallet

Q: Whats the total supply?

8,888 will be minted with 10% of FUD frogs held back for our team.

Q: When will the FUD Frogs be revealed?

The spectacular reveal for frogs will happen shortly after mint.

Q: Is this a Blue Chip project?

We never considered our self at FUD Frog Force that handsome but whoa our goblin friends are scary ugly!